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OPINION||Five signs your child is being bullied in school

Bullying is growing more prevalent in both boarding schools and day schools nowadays. Many heartbreaking stories of children who died while attending school have been told over and over again. When your child is being bullied, there are a few indications that parents should look out for.

1. Withdrawal

Bullying manifests itself in the child's withdrawal from friends and family, which is an indication of the condition. He or she will want to remain alone the most of the time and will have little interest in social situations. An oppressed child will shrink to the size of his or her attacker.

You should be concerned if your child used to be outgoing and lively but has recently become more reserved. He may be being harassed at school. Make every effort to determine the source of his newfound apprehensions.

2. Constantly requesting for foodstuff and money

This is a major symptom of bullying if your child is in boarding school and continuously requests food and money despite the fact that you are providing him with plenty. Bulimic children frequently steal the food and money from their victims, causing the victim to approach his or her parents for new provisions.

3. Begging to quit school

Many children really look forward to coming to school, but if your child is begging to be excused from class, it is likely that he or she is being harassed at home or in the classroom.

In addition, a youngster who is experiencing difficulties at school will request his or her parents to leave the school where they are enrolled. When their children request a change of school, parents should pay closer attention and not compel the child to continue.

4. Crying during visiting hours

A bullied student is someone who repeatedly begs to be picked up and taken home when their parents pay a visit to them at boarding school. Help your child to relax by listening carefully to what he has to say about what he is going through. Keep his tears from becoming meaningless by dismissing them.

5. When a child becomes afraid by every sound, he or she is being bullied as well. If you are worried about getting bullied at school, this may be a contributing factor. If your child exhibits any strange behaviour, keep a tight eye on him/her at all times. Investigate whether or if his conduct has altered since he began attending boarding college.

Because of this, it is recommended that parents maintain positive relationships with their children; this will allow the children to feel secure enough to share their experiences with their parents.

Content created and supplied by: Jaskier (via Opera News )


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