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Mom if you see this on your babys head please be warned it might kill them see comments for help

mothers, it's always important to check our babies if there's anything strange that can harm them, somethings that baby goes through it's hard for parents to know what is wrong with their babies because they are young and they can't speak for themselves, the only way babies communicate when they feel pain it's by crying. And sometimes when a baby cries mothers say they are nagging, or they just want attention, but that could not be the case.

But it alleged that there's another thing that might cause the baby to cry as it's also alleged that it could also be the cause of baby's death if not removed in time its called ibala in Zulu and it's called Stork mark in English is reddish, This mark it's normally spotted at the back of the head, some people say it's normal, and it well goes away as time goes on, But after a mother posted asking for help after she saw it on her grandson's head she was warned that she needs to get it removed and the only way she can do that it's by taking the child to the traditional healer, which Is what she did. Below is what was shared on her behalf on the available jobs updates on the S.A page on Facebook.

The problem with this issue is that as people we have different beliefs and it's normal that we won't agree on a lot when it comes to this kind of thing, after a grandmother's post was shared people had a lot to say about this matter, and as I said some people advised her to go to a traditional healer while other didn't agree with that. Below are some of the comments left on Facebook that might help you to way your options when it comes to this matter

It's not easy being a parent and it's our job to worry more especially when it comes to matters concerning our babies lives, health, and well-being therefore when you come across such things its normal, and there's nothing wrong with coming to people for help as you never know who will help you.

Comments above will help a lot of people, some people who don't believe in traditional healers or are scared to go there are using some of the advice given to them in the comment section. And those who are not scared to go to the traditional healer also have an option as to how to go about as there are people who are also willing to help if you need any help.

All you can do you can click on the link and it will take you to the page, that way you can also engage in the conversation with other mothers that why you can get help for your child.

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