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" RIP My Son You Were Part Of Me And My First Born".

Loosing a child is something that is very painful and hard to accept , it needs lot of time to heal the broken heart . 

Our condolences goes to a woman from India and her name is Sorisha Kevrtj , she's 21 and sadly lost her new born baby boy . 

She have sent a very touching message in her timeline , she said " Rest In Peace My Son! you were part of me , and my first born , I know you will always love me as much as much as I love you " , she described the day as Death day and birthday date 30th September 2021 . 

I can imagine how she's going through right now , caring a child for nine months and sadly died , it so painful as you've already have plans for your child. 

Comments were flooding on her Social Account as people were worried about her and didn't expect such news . Looking as some comments many were looking forward to meet a newborn child of her . 

May the Lord comfort them during this Difficult times , we wish her a speed recory and the family also wish them a speed recory to what have just happened to the family . 

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