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Parents should consider children

My mum was a single parent. Before she died, while she was on the hospital bed and i was with her. She already knew I have passion for ministry. And then she looked me in the eye and made two powerful Statements 👉 '' As You Preach, please tell every young girl that they have no reason to be single mothers '' Secondly '' Every Child needs a FATHER ''!

If Adam was not necessary, God would have created Eve alone.

We understand that there are Fathers who are not really playing their roles as Fathers. Fathers who are Heartbreakers. Fathers who don't really deserve to be called '' FATHERS ''. But it still doesn't take away the fact that this is the way that God has designed for our families to thrive.

The father of the house might be a stupid man, but he remaining in that house is a major lesson for the children. He might not be the man you want him to be, but his voice, each time he raises it in the house, leaves an impression for your children.

My mum's greatest pain was that her children didn't turn out well because there's something a woman can do and there's what a man can do.

She tried to do everything. She was the mother, she was the father, she was the counselor, she was the provider and so on. She died of Heart Failure😭. Because she tried doing everything herself.

It may be fashionable to be a single mother now, but TEN YEARS from now, would you still be proud that you took the right step?

Your children may not tell you. But there were times when we were mentally abused. We went out there to play with other children, and they just threw a word at us 👉 '' Go and call your father '' and whenever I come back and ask my mother who my father was, she would just breakdown and start crying. I never went on to ask her other questions but I knew how mentally scared I was.

Please let us out these things in proper Perspective. No matter what men have done to you, please, there's always a man somewhere that'll make you smile

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