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"My father is dating his son's baby mama" Lady opens Sunday Twitter in style

"My brother's baby-mama is now our step-mom" Lady opens Sunday Twitter in style

While you're here please follow me.

I like the transparency on social media. People drop all their family secrets for our entertainment and I love it!

Wandu Makheta started the Sunday with a bang; Sunday Twitter style!

Her thread, which was posted about an hour ago, narrated how her brother's ex ended up becoming her step-mom.

In short, her brother impregnated his girlfriend in 2013. The families met up to facilitate how to raise the child together. The couple broke up but the baby mama would frequent the ex-boyfriend's house with the child since the child would be restless without her.

The brother suspected that his father and baby-mama are dating, he was dismissed. The mother sadly passed away in July 2020 and that's when the father and baby-mama stopped playing hide and seek.

Their relationship was officialized and the baby-mama moved into her Mamazala's bedroom.

The affair affected the family so much so that one of the sons failed matric last year because he was hopping from one family to the next because he could not stand seeing father moving on with a woman half his age.

If houses didn't have walls, we would really be in for a surprise. How does it make sense to find your boyfriend's father attractive and even have the audacity to move into his house? A house he shares with his children? Including the one child who gave you access to the family?

From the tone in the thread, the baby's paternity is up for debate and it's not unreasonable.

Wandu described their efforts to force the lady out of her mother's house- even the legal way- only to fail dismally!


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May 29, 2022.

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Wandu Makheta


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