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Here are main reasons why people hate to use condoms.

Condoms are utilized by accomplices to shield themselves from STI's and HIV and AIDS , it is likewise a contraception technique to forestall undesirable pregnancy. 

Individuals have various perspectives on the utilization of condoms , this article investigates different justifications for why ladies disdain condoms. 

1. Latex smells horrible. 

Latex is the material that a condom is produced using. 

At the point when contact is applied it caused a smell that is unfortunate. 

2. A few people are adversely affected by latex or the grease on condoms. 

Certain individuals are brought into the world with sensitivities to latex or the grease on condoms, this can cause rashes or cause them some inconvenience . 

3. It is less cozy. 

Utilizing condoms kind of gives a feeling that you are not really expected to have intercourse with the person. 

It detracts from the entire experience of being with the individual personally. 

The reasons shift from one person to another, and converse with your accomplice to comprehend the reason why they feel a specific way about utilizing condoms.


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