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ETHIOPIAN TRIBE| Women Are Beaten By Men To Prepare Them To Be Mothers

There is a certain tribe which exists in Ethiopia in which prepares women to be mother by having them whipped to bleeding point by men.


The Hamar Tribe exists in Ethiopia and they perform a certain traditional ritual which is called the Maza.

The Maza is the process in which women are trained and prepared to be strong mothers, according to the tribe.

The tribal leaders therefore engaged these women in a practice which they are dressed half naked as they are then whipped to bleeding by the men.

These women end up with scars mostly on their backs which is the entire point of this practice.

Those women who endure this pain and have their scars as proof, they are then considered the rightful women worthy of being made mothers.

The practice also then involves buys who also get whipped until they also bleed and have scars so that they can see that they suffered for their family members. It is to prepare them for the hardships in life. 

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