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Wolf On The Sheep Skin|| The Baby Shower Organizer For MaShelembe Is A Con-Artist

People always jump to say they want to help the poor but in a nutshell looking to gain from the donations for the less privileged.

After the events and the successful provincial baby shower for Makhosi Shelembe, it has surfaced that one of the ladies who assisted Makhosi to have the baby shower stole an amount of R20 940 from her. This information was sent to Nomfundo Mathonsi by Mashelembe's lawyers. According to the lawyer Rajaram Mvulane attorneys Mathonsi went to Mashelembe's home to get her bank account and to make sure all was in order. Soon after that she asked the donors to write down their names as evidence where the money came from. All this was made available on line.

Later on Mathonsi and Andy Brown told Mashelembe that R5000 in her account will be used for the baby shower and she must transfer the money to Andy Brown's account and Makhosi did exactly that. Upon arriving in Richard's Bay on September 25th for the event Makhosi was forced to pay R7 240 for the venue. Another amount which she was made to pay was for the accommodation at Inanda Guest House by Mathonsi and her sister. The corruption did not end there as it was said Mathonsi further stole R3000 on 16 September from Mashelembe's account and another R3000 on 18 September. Lastly she made away with another R 2700 on September the 20th.

That makes the stolen amount to be R20 940 which Mathonsi must pay back to Makhosi. She was given three day to do so and also write a public apology to Mashelembe, another to her family and lastly to all South Africans who donated for Mashelembe. Rajaram will be responsible for the legal costs. The money must be paid into the attorneys account or direct into Mashelembe's account. The lawyer stated on the letter that Mathonsi should refrain from speaking to Mashelembe's family or to her for that matter. After an interview done by the journalist Mathonsi denied the claims made to her and she has since told the lawyers to proceed to court. What a twist of events!

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