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Big kisses for every single parent

Why do men/women leave their kid???that's a question at every single parent ask herself...well, we all don't know why but it really is affecting the kids that have single parents

I think it will be best if the government had a law that that will enforce men not go back to their kids if they have rejected them, Atleast less people will suffer.The kid Will grow up knowing that his/her father or mother left him/her and doesn't want anything to do with her/him

Life us too short to be chasing around men who are cowards , men who pregnant women and think that life is better without a baby or a pregnant woman near them

They prefer spending thousands in Taverns or fancy clubs instead of buying diapers for their offsprings

I'd like to send a shout out to all the men/women who are being there for their kids and showing love and support to their kids...not Every parent is brave enough to do that 👏, i know it is not easy but one day your kid will make the impossible possible ....he/she will thank you 🤞❤ maybe not with words but by actions just have faith and hope that everything will turn out okay one day and always make sure that you let you kid know how special he/she is ...

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