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The famous prophet shared something scary about children at school parents you need to see this

There's a new prophet in town that's shaking Twitter with his teachings, and a lot of people are loving him because he tackles real-life issues that people are facing daily. There are a lot of things that are happening and in some of them we get to, see them happening but now that we have the famous prophet he is warning people about the coming things, that we are not aware of.

every parent will do everything in their power to protect their kids and give them a better future. And no parent will let their kids become nothing, that's why parents take their kids to school to study. But with everything that's happening with corona killing people, some parents are scared to take their kids to school as they feel that their kids' lives are in danger. That is why some of them even decided to make them study online just to keep them safe until everything gets back to normal.

Though it's not simple for other parents to do it as it's a bit expensive and they can't afford it they had no choice but let their kids go to school. Now it seems like their decision to allow their kids to go back to school might backfire after what the famous prophet shared on social media.

Truly speaking this is scary as one of the mothers decided to share and confirm what the prophet just posted. She says some of the kids at her kid school were sick and it's alleged that it could be swine flu.

How do you keep your child away from school this is not easy it seems like there's one thing after the other, on top of losing loved ones and hearing that people are dying of covid, now this imagine losing a child as it is it's hard to handle the passing of an older person how will a mothert handle the pain of losing a child this is too much. It must stop now we can't take this anymore.

We have to pray hard and ask God to protect our kids.

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