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Caregivers with R350 Sassa approved status should check their statuses now.

It has been a long week as caregivers didn't receive their Sassa R350 payment in their child's grant card,Most were frustrated as there was no payment dates also when they access their statuses,Since yesterday Sassa has been providing approved caregivers with payment dates for September,as they were worried that the October status is already appearing but there's still no payment date for September,Many caregivers took to Facebook that they have received their payment dates some it's for the 13th and others the 14th,For those who still don't have payment dates for August and September should be patient as Sassa has been providing payment dates lately,Just frequently check your Sassa R350 status to know when is your payment dates,It has been a good day for caregivers as they were worried that they won't receive their payments but Sassa has delivered as always, Caregivers will receive their payments in their child's grant card,you can only know if your money is in or not by checking when has your payment been filed yet,then you can go through the bank to verify

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