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Be aware of child stocking and people we leave our kids with

We raise our children in different families and in unsafe environment. Some leaves their kids alone and without someone to look after. Which is a dangerous story to hear when you come back. Some parents are really good at naclagency and never worries about that. Be alerted that you never leave your kids where there are lots of strangers.

Don't send your kids alone to the shops. And some strangers are good at attracting young kids by using sweets, money even toys. By allowing our children be left behind then our future will never be safe. Touching and kissing and even hold a child daily especially from their private places is molestering. It's like brainwashing the child's mind with roaten experience. Manipulating the system and making that child longers things that will drive them insane.

So when things like that happens be there to help. Report the incident from your village or places occurs take action. And never stop trusting your child when they share with you something privately. Like trying to say something be patient and learn to identify objects they discribe. Be advised to help those with less voice and give them justice they deserve

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