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Father of siblings who died after drinking energy drink he gave them, overdoses on pills

It is alleged that, The father did not drink the poisoned energy drink, but overdosed on pills in an attempt to kill himself and then later started cutting himself on his throat and body with a broken bottle after he saw people from the community starting to gather around his house.

I wonder if he wasn't overwhelmed with these economic hardships and stressed till his reasoning got blackout. At times life gets unbearable. RIP boys, and strongs to the family.They will say its mental health and yet someone goes to the shops buy the poison and give it to only his kids,why he didnt give himself if he didnt knw wht he was doing?such a nonsense man.

I wonder what he was going through and being a man and told "men don't cry" you bleed from inside. It's a tragedy shame.That's why I am afraid to be a father unnecessary because I am not ready to handle the responsibility of taking care of children.

I cannot stand reading this, he needs the death penalty, he needs to die. Any idea what rat poison do? To humans? What is happening in our beautiful World humans are not normal anymore.

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