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VIDEO: Thato's mother is not happy with her son going to The Weekend to have fun every weekend

Thato's mother is not happy with her son, who is all the time going to The Weekend. She is not happy because all he is there dancing. From how he was responding, he was going to dance at The Weekend. Thato was not accepting to what her said he him. He was going there surely. It was not like she did not want him to have fun, but he should take some time off.


Because the body does get exhausted, you should give it a rest. But with Thato, it does not look like he is really into taking a moment to relax, preferably at home. She is correct on that. You have to give your body a time where you relax, but that is not the intention coming from Thato. He is highly motivated, having to go out regularly.

He has taken the opportunity and advised that you should have fun while you are having that time on your hands and not become someone who is going to regret it later in years to come. It is not easy to stop someone from going out, especially when they are at their peak times. It is like telling someone to stop consuming alcoholic beverages. Thato should be the one to stop it.


She cares for Thato, but he may not see it at the very moment and only realize it later in life. When someone is older or even younger, you should listen to that person. Look around and find relevancy from what you were listening to and you will be able to get tangible results. Look at how someone has lived their lifestyle and where they have ended it.


Sometimes you will be saved from an accident that was not going to be necessary if you had not gone there. In the scenario of Thato, he should not go to The Weekend and not dance for the entire night or weekend. Some people wish to have this kind of moment with their parents, but they are not having them anymore. Some really wish for these moments.

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