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Hilarious: Things 2000's say to parents that 90's could never

Hilarious: Things 2000's say to parents that 90's could never

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There are things that children never say to parents; no matter how upset and infuriated they are. Even when the parent is wrong, you generally look down, listen to them vent and can't even bang the door because you're not the one who bought it. It seems these pre-installed settings were last wired to children born before 2000 and everyone born after 2000 came with different wirings.

About a week ago, a gentleman under the username @troy.malange took to Tiktok to share how he's so glad to have a little sister born after 2000 because she deals with his mother in ways that he could only ever dream of. In his video, he explained that whenever the mother shouts at the said little sister, she immediately tells her that she is projecting and the mother is left feeling small because she assumes that she's being told that she is as loud as a projector.

The comments under the post confirmed that indeed, there are some things that 2000's say to parents that leaves all the other siblings shook, and even more shocking is the fact that parents usually don't do anything about the disrespect and just keep it moving. It is for that reason that most people born before 2000 feel that 2000's are their spirit animals because they say everything that they could only dream of.

These are some of the most unforgettable things that 2000's were alleged to have said to parents:

My brother came home drunk on a Wednesday....mama started shouting and little brother said " baby girl please record yourself I'll listen to you later I have anxiety" @leighh_0

My kid told my mom, you need to stop screaming when you speak to me, I choose what I listen to! @msdee2uboo0

My baby brother opened a case over a swore word and my mom is still attending sessions to deal with her anger yoh this kid @thoriso_luvuno

I can relate my mom wanted to choose a career for my little sister and she kindly said as long as you gonna do the work on my behalf i don't mind @em19951

What do you think? Are 2000's more braver than the generation that came before them or are parents just softer to them than they were to us?

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