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Parents question ways of keeping their kids safe from getting COVID-19


Many parents might feel that they’ve been sidelined when it comes to COVID-19 pandemic precautionary measures. As we all should be familiar with – wearing a mask every time you’re in public, wash and sanitize your hands and maintain a social distance. Since most of them don’t know what to do during these trying times, especially when it comes to their kids – toddlers to be precise. Whenever there are talks about the COVID-19 pandemic there’s less said about toddlers. As it’s expected for their parents or guardians to know what to do in keeping them safe from the deadly virus. At first, reports were stating that the virus target certain people, however, things have changed. Everyone is at risk of contract the Coronavirus, despite the age factor. 

At the moment, kids are not allowed to get the jab, which many parents felt that it’s unfortunate as they’re also at risk of getting COVID-19. Sadly, some parents have had to play the waiting game, until the vaccine companies can confirm that their kids get the jab to minimize their chances of contracting the virus. There have been reports of children being hospitalized, hence there have been plans in place to start vaccinating a certain group of kids, around 5 to 11 years. The Food and Drug Administration is still expected to do some tests and research on the Pfizer vaccine for children as young as 5-years-old and it will then get approved if everything goes as planned. Then it makes you wonder what about kids below five years old.

Now, some parents have questioned the rules and regulations towards COVID-19, as they felt that it doesn’t include their toddlers and it puts them in danger. As some toddlers are very young to wear a mask and others cannot even tolerate it. Even if they’re old enough, they still struggling to get used to the new normal. Many toddlers enjoy being in a space whereby they can play and communicate with their friends or their kids, hence the concept of social distancing doesn’t work. Even worse, most toddlers put every single thing into their mouths. The working parents have to take their kids to daycare, which can be another nightmare, as younger kids are harder to keep contained. These are difficult times to become a parent, as many of them are learning as they go. Nevertheless, parents should try by all means to keep their kids in a COVID-19 free environment.

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Date: 05/10/2021

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