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Opinion: when parents accept responsibility, it will help to curb domestic violent

With domestic violence on the news so often, it's natural to wonder if domestic violence has any grave effect on society. Domestic violence still exists today, even if there are several laws in place to protect everyone's welfare. This article will cover how domestic violence tends to dismantle families, which then disrupts communities (and even society) on a wider scale.

Violent marked using usually harmful or destructive physical force, the rate of violence in the country today is alarming and is on the high increase on a daily basis.

The rate of violent crime today even in the home is alarming and something else,


To my own submission the violent crime in the home is traceable to the parent, patent these days leave their responsibility for their house help, without knowing the upbringing of that house help, some house help are even ther ones that constitute the crime we see today in our society.

Parents should take full responsibility and care of their children, it is not enough to provide for his children financially, but it is also important that they are also responsible for their morality and their behavior.

The truth is that house help and gate man would not be able to instilled morals and conduct to our children because many of them came from a broken home.

In our quest for providing for our family and children, the role of modeling their character and behavior should not be overlooked because it is the home that make the community, it is the home that makes the church, it has the community that makes society and it is the society that makes the nation and the world at large. If we can catch them young and instill good character, Honour and respect in them, then our church, community, society, and the world will be a better place. 

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