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A Mother Recounted Her Sad Story About Being Humiliated For Having A Sick Child.

My own sister insulted for giving birth to a child who is sick: A lady shared her sad story

A 20-year-old woman from Oti region named Comfort Tarmokwa gave birth to a two-year-old baby, but the child has a condition known as cleft palate. When the roof of the mouth doesn't join completely, you have a condition known as cleft palate. The infant's mouth is swollen from sickness, and she no longer resembles a 2-year-old toddler.

She's been unable to walk for a long time and is missing all of her teeth as well. If Comfort is correct, food pours out of the baby's nose whenever she eats. It's impossible for her to eat if she sits straight, so she has to lie down first. Food containing pepper is not given to the infant. Because of her financial woes, the mother sometimes worries she may lose her daughter.

Because of the baby's sickness, his father has abandoned them. Even her own sister has made fun of her for having a sick child. Even though Comfort works as a hairdresser, the money she makes in a day isn't enough to support both of them financially. She has faith that her daughter will learn to walk one day. When she asked the doctors about surgery, they said they couldn't do it until the baby gained some weight. Her health insurance has also run out, so she can't take the child to the hospital for any treatment.

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