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More ways to increase your sperm count to avoid infertility

In order for you to increase your sperm count it's very important that you you live a healthy lifestyle because unhealthy lifestyle is likely to impair your entire health, which may includes fertility and libido. Trusted sources=Hello Doctor.

Study reveals that carrying extra weight can be associated with infertility especially amongst men, so it is very important to lose excess weight.

If your personal Doctor says you gained too much weight, you shouldn't take that as an compliment, you should starts doing exercises and workouts like never before.

Doctors knows well that excess weight is linked with infertility therefore you should start to discuss weight loss as one of the most important healthy goal.

It is understood that usually alcohol is one of the most contributing factor towards fertility and low sperm count amongst men, Alcohol may sometimes reduce the testosterone level and jeopardize the quality flow of semen.

Men should get enough folate since studies indicates that lack of folate might cause low quality of semen, therefore normalize eating peanuts, avocado, eggs, cheese.

Enough rest or sleep is very important and getting enough sleep is very vital to maintaining your health and reproduction, excessive sleep also becomes a problem since it's also linked with poor semen production.

It's very important to get tested more often.

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