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3 Things That Can Happen To Your Body Whenever You Use Condoms

Another common method of avoiding sickness and undesired pregnancy is to use condoms. This is in addition to not sharing sharp items that have been used by someone else or avoiding other risk factors of communicable disease. For the purpose of this discussion, I'd want to define the term "condom." When it comes to contraception, condoms constitute a "barrier." They are constructed of extremely thin latex (rubber), polyurethane, or polyisoprene and are intended to prevent pregnancy by preventing sperm from contacting an egg during the fertilisation cycle. When worn appropriately during vaginal, anal, and oral intercourse, they can also provide protection against STIs.

When you wear a condom with your spouse or another person of the opposite sex, several things happen to your body. If you use condoms on a regular basis, it is critical that you understand the consequences of your actions. However, because it can aid in the prevention of some illnesses as well as unintended pregnancy, it fulfilled a very useful role.

As a result of using a condom, the following things happen to your body:

Latex Allergy

It is possible to be allergic to any type of food, however wheat is the most prevalent cause of allergy symptoms in children. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 1 and 6 percent of Americans (or those who are sensitive to) are (CDC). Early-onset latex allergy symptoms often appear after years of frequent exposure to latex condoms.

Following the use of a condom, some persons feel itching, redness, and swelling. A latex allergy can manifest itself in a number of ways. Rubber plants produce a milky sap that is used in this product. A range of medical and commercial goods, including condoms, are made with Latex by a number of different manufacturers.

Birth Control

They are 98 percent effective at preventing pregnancy when used correctly every single time you have sexual contact with someone. In reality, however, individuals aren't flawless, and as a result, around 85 percent of the population lives — which means that approximately 15 out of every 100 people who use condoms as their only effective method of contraception will become pregnant every year. More to the point, when you wear a condom, it may be accidentally broken, allowing sperm to enter the woman's body and prompting her to seek abortion-inducing medications. In certain cases, abortion drugs might cause harm to the womb.

Urine Infection

The discomfort or sensitivity or the semen can all trigger it. Other triggers include changes in pH in the vaginal region, which condoms can help prevent, or a bacterial yeast infection such as bacterial vaginosis can trigger it as well. It has been shown that using a lubricated condom (with or without spermicide in the lubricant) or a spermicidal cream or gel with an unlubricated condom increases the risk of urinary infection by two to eight times.

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