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"We're Not Done Yet" - 23-Year-Old Mum Of 11 Kids Says She Wants Dozens More Children

Wonders shall not end. However, whilst some married couples do not have children for several decades following marriage, others have children very immediately after being married and still desire more children.

She has said that she would like to have more children, despite being a 23-year-old mother of 11. This young woman, known as Christina Ozturk, was married to a 56-year-old millionaire named Galip Ozturk. They have two children together. It was stated by the newspaper The Sun that the pair, who resides in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, made the disclosure.

She said that she and her husband had originally planned to have at least 105 children, but that they subsequently changed their minds and chose to reduce the number of children they would have to have.

The latest addition to Christina's family was born just a few weeks ago, making her the mother of 11 children. Christina gave birth to her first kid six years ago and has now given birth to eleven children in all. However, despite the fact that Christina's last ten children are being carried by surrogates, she and her husband claim to be far from finished, and they are planning on giving birth to dozens more children. She believes there is enough time for everything and is only willing to discuss the final figure at this point in the process.

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