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My Parents Used To Lock Me Inside The House, They Stopped Me From Playing With Other Kids

A physically disabled lady only known by her first name, Maria, who was born without limbs has now shared with the world the painful account of how she came to be born without limbs. Maria was born without arms, legs, hands, or feet.

Afrimax English, while detailing her ordeal based on the information gathered, stated that the 21-year-old woman was unable to attend school or receive a proper education due to her condition as the only school in the Area which is far and within walking distance. This information was stated by Afrimax English while she was detailing her ordeal based on the information gathered. This was mentioned by Afrimax English when she was relating her trauma, which was based on the information that was gathered. a desolate and winding road that leads to the school.

The young woman is missing both of her hands and both of her legs, yet she does have one hand and one leg. She alleges that when she was a child, her parents locked her in a room and she was not allowed to interact or play with other children. She also claims that her parents did not offer her the opportunity to do either of those things. She reveals the information that as of recent she is no longer a secret and that she has reclaimed her ability to freely converse with anybody and everyone. She also reveals that she is no longer a secret.

The woman continued by stating that she did not believe a man would contact her with the aim of talking about a relationship rather than the topic of marriage. She went on to explain that she did not believe a man would approach her with the intention of talking about marriage.

She is not afraid to admit that no man has ever told her that he loves her, and that she does not know what the future holds for her. She is honest enough to admit this.

What kind of ideas do you have? I ask God to help her get through this difficult time.


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