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She is only 12years old and already gave birth to a young boy, Social media react


When God gives nobody can stand in between people might judge that she has given birth at a young age. But the truth is when God grants nobody can stop blessings from happening. This young girl on the picture left social media users out of words.

As she managed to pass the stage most old ladies fail to pass. Young girl at the age of 12years managed to give birth to a young Baby boy without going through a C-section. It is alleged that she tried to hide the pregnancy. But the size of the baby couldn't let such to happen.

Her parents later found out that she is actually pregnant. Today a post was shared by Blessing Ramoba showing his followers that age is just a number. Although she is young she managed to come back from hospital alive with a healthy baby. She survived what most people cannot survive.

That is the only thing people need to respect at the moment. Never judge is a child brings you this kind of blessings. It is ok to be angry but words can tear a child to never accept your forgiveness in future. Be warned before you insult your child when pregnant.

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