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Checkout funny trick kids do with grass(opinion)

Kids like to play games and use tricks to create fun in many different ways. These tricks and games may even be dangerous at certain times. There is one old trick that kids still do even to this day that I personally also use to do using only just grass that grows on either sides of an informal walkway or path.

These informal walkways are often found in rural and informal settlements including townships and people walk through them daily and on a regular basis. They are thin little paths that are just wide enough for people to walk through and grass grows on both sides of them. Often, nobody cuts this grass and it can grow tremendously.

Kids use this overgrown grass on either ends of the walkway to tie multiple knots. These knots are very tight and are strong enough to trip people and make them fall especially at night time when there is no light.

People easily become victims of this kids trick and they trip and fall because they do not see the knots that have been tied by the kids using the grass.

Often the kids will be hiding nearby to witness people fall from their traps. It can be very hilarious to see this trick. Sometimes people fall and they drop some of their valuables without even noticing it. The kids will then find these valuables and take them for keeps. So please beware when walking on these types of walkways as you never know if kids have set their trick and you might fall victim.

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