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He left home and came back after 7 months look at the first thing he did when he got home

It's hard sometimes to be a parent as we are pushed into doing things that hurt us but benefit us in a long run. It's not easy for parents to make certain decisions because of the sacrifices that come along with those decisions, but because we don't have a choice we are forced to do them as some of them will give our loved ones a better future.

Every parent plays a special role in their kid's future and this means if one parent is not there things become a bit difficult for the children, because it's every kid's dream to have their both parents present in their life as they grow up. But sometimes it's not the case but things tend to be a bit challenging more especially if the father has to go work outside the country for days, weeks, months, or years.

Just like this father who left people emotional after sharing a picture of himself and his daughter after 7 months away from home, of all the things who could think of doing maybe going to see his friends and spending time with them catching up as we know that some men like spending time with their friends. He decided to do what we call to put your priorities first, he took his daughter to school after 7 months away from home.

Some people might look at this and be like there's nothing special about this, trust me what this man did is supper special because there are a lot of kids out there who would do anything just to have this opportunity to spend with their father. And girls feel safe when they are with their father.

As we know that there are fathers out there who don't even spend 2 minutes with their daughters or boys for that matter as they don't see the need for that. Today we have bitter children because their fathers left them while they're still young, and never came back they left home saying they're going to work but never come back.

And their kids still have the hope that their fathers will come back and take them to school or for ice cream. I salute you for what you did daddy you did something that other dads fail to do. Keep up she won't forget this day as long as she lives, make every moment of her life count.

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