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Abusive day care teacher: who is she

Twitter just went into a frenzy over a clip that shows a day care teacher hitting a toddler numerous times in the head and making him clean the carpet...

Who is the teacher and where is the day care situated and how long has this been happening? Those are questions on everybody's mind...

How long has this little man be abused at day care? Does he cry when his parents or siblings drop him off? How can we as parents determine when our children are being abused by the people we trust the most?

This little man will definitely need councilling but the teacher needs to be arrested and the day care closed some tweepts mentioned that will happen over their dead body, some saying they would vry woth the baby first and go take car of the teacher.

Parents pay so much to have their children taken care off properly at day care amd not to be abused.

Help us identify the abusive teacher so she can be held accountable and save this little boy and probably every other kid in that day care

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