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SAD|| Remember The Girl Who Ran Away After Being Adopted By A Venda Comedian? See Her Recent Photos


One thing that is ruining our children’s future is alcohol and substance abuse. But these days, the abuse of alcohol is better. People mix chemical substances and inject them into their bodies so that they can get high. The department of community health is always calling upon people to be cautioned about the dangers of chemical substances, but they really don’t listen.


Those who can remember well, a few months ago, there was a trending video of a venda comedian man (Livhuwani Madadzhe) who found a teen girl (Jane) on the streets and decided to adopt her. The girl was a drug addict, and she was sleeping in the streets of Thohoyandou. Out of goodness, the Samaritan man looked for her family and asked for permission to adopt her and take her to rehab. He even asked for donations on social media, and many people did, donating a wide range of items, and some businesses even offered to hire her if she went to rehab.


Everything was going smoothly, she was starting to come back to her senses, and she was comfortable with the comedian's family, like it was hers too. Things started changing when she found a boyfriend and started running away from home and sleeping out for days. Everyone thought she’s lost while she was with her boyfriend. She started acting somehow running away from home and sleeping in bars using drugs again.

Then she started cussing the comic man that he was eating her money from sponsors and she was old enough to choose her life, so she wanted to move out. She started doing drugs again and moved out to sleep in the streets again, some says she was selling. She started being a junkie again. The comedian tried to convince her to come back home, but he failed because she was enjoying her drug life.




This incident happened a few months back. Ever since she decided to go back to the streets, people have been asking where she is on social media. Following all that, a social media user led her yesterday and took a picture that left many hearts broken. She has lost so much weight and it looks like she’s critically sick. Her photo broke many hearts. See her recent photos below:



Yes, she did this to herself by deciding to go back to the streets, but a child will always be a child. Some people were making fun of her photos and what her breasts looked like. Some volunteered that if she really wanted to let go of the street life, they could help her by paying rehab fees and all her needs. See some of the comments from social media below.




Jane needs serious help. She is still too young for the life she’s living and all the things she does. She must be forced to rehabilitate because her situation is out of control. We are living in a cruel world where women and children are preyed upon like animals. It is not safe for a girl to be sleeping out.


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