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Tips that can help when raising a teenage

Raising teenage is not that simple because is were a child start experience life , and also get peer pressure from his or her friends. It is more imperative to consider the following tips when raising a teenage. Parents must be vigilant when looking after teenage , because is where they experience lot of things. Some of the things they experience is harmful to them.

1 Feeling very sad for two weeks sometimes your child can separate him or herself from others. This can happen for a period of about two weeks or more . This is a sign that something with your child is not right. The teenage will be like someone who is solving some problems, be like someone who is that much troubled.

2 Trying to harm oneself no normal person can harm herself, but a troubled kids will want to do that just to finish himself off because of life challenges myt be facing. Or desired to hurt others because of frustration.

3 Exprecing sudden overwhelming sometimes your teenage will just be tired or not liking school for no reason, just seeing things difficult for him or her to do. The child just see everything impossible for him or her to do .

4 Engage in fights kids are so friendly to play together but if your teenage experience some life difficulties he or she will start fighting others. Those are some tips that your child is getting some life challenges and needs to be attended. If you ignore that your child take his or own life due to pressure is getting.

5 Lack of appetite the teenage myt start losing appetite or just punishing him or her self by starving him self.

6 Intense worriers and fear the children will start to worry of something that is not even a problem or start having fear that someone myt kill or injure him or her .he can start solving the problems even if he or she dont have one . If you see this your teenage myt be bullied or bullying others.

7 Extreme difficulty the teenage always see trouble even in place were there is no problem each and everything to him is a problem.

8 Use of drugs and alcohol to show that your children is having issues with his peer he will start taking drugs and take on alcohol . The kids will do that in other to cope or be inline with his or her peer.

9 Severe moods swings the child will be happy and then angry the moods slightly like weather he or she will be happy in a short while is nolonger happy. This shows that he or she might be experiencing difficulties in day by day life .

in conclusion I edge parents to know what is your child doing with whom , how do they play what kind of game they play . Also what kind of toy they use. The parents must also know what kind of conversation they talk at field of play. Also check which tv programs do your child like is very important.


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