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Style ideas for our sons.

Style ideas for our sons.

It is said that when a woman's first child is boy then it means God wanted her feel boundless love and protection. It is also said that when a man's first child is a boy then God wanted to show him how to ensure the boy does not make the same mistakes that he did and for the first time in his life, he'd lead someone who wants to be led by him and only him.

I remember a woman who tweeted a picture of her holding her son and she captioned it, "I asked God for a man who would love me forever, I thought it would be the father of my child but it's my son." That was very sweet.

The thing with boys is how their clothes lack versatility, they can't wear skirts and dresses. They only have shorts, trousers and tops but here are some ideas on how to style our young kings.

1. Rich tones.

Making them wear really solid rich colours so they stand out and do not be afraid to accessorise like on the picture below.

2. Nude colours.

These are very in. Your browns, beiges etc, they instantly look expensive.

3. Black clothes.

A lot of people who speak up against this because of the belief that children only wear clothes with bright colours but it is not so. The colour black looks great on kids too. 4. Tracksuit sets

You can never go wrong with a good tracksuit. Especially for young boys when they run around and play.

5. Denim jackets.

You can pair the denim jacket with any t-shirt, turtleneck or vest to give him a clean grown up look. 6. Jeans

When they boy is under 5 I highly advise that you get him a jean with elastic instead of a button and a zip to make him go to the toilet with ease.

7. Shirts and jeans

For those outings and church. Also for just chilling.

8. Simple vest and shorts.

Could even be a simple t-shirt and shorts. This is a comfortable summer outfit they can wear on any summer day. Which one is your favorite?

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