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If you think your child makes you depressed, take a look at these children (Photos)

Children are one of the most wonderful things that will happen to a family; without them, there is no such thing as a family; children are people; without them, the universe will be cut short.

Many parents lament about their children breaking things in their homes; therefore, it is your responsibility to secure such breakable items; however, you can never deprive a child his or her childhood. A child is a gift, but if the child is not raised properly, it may become a problem.

Children like playing a lot, but they are still children, and it is your job as a parent or mother to keep an eye on them to avoid them from approaching any vulnerable parts of the house or apartment.

Avoid whining over your children causing you depression; it's their right, and you'd better figure out how to cope with it, hahaha.

Any adults also love children and hope they could revert to their childhood selves.

If you think your child makes you sad, take a peek at these kids and imagine how their parents feel as they came.

Please see the pictures below.

Take note of how people responded and shared their affection for children.

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