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Medical Reason Why Men Should Not Leave Their Cell phones In The Pockets Of Their Trousers For Long

Given that most guys do not carry a baggage with them when they go from one area to another, it is not surprising to see them leave their telephones in the pocket of their trousers. Although it is not entirely inappropriate for a man to keep his cellphone in his trouser pocket, it does have health implications for men.

According to WebMD, that conveyed the findings of a study on the link between men's reproduction and smartphone use, it was determined that putting a man's cellphone in his trouser pocket for hours can result in infertility.

While highlighting the health risks of leaving a cellphone in a man's trouser pocket, the report also stated that a man's testicle can be exposed to the handset's radio frequency and electromagnetic waves. As a result, the quality of the sperm may be affected.

In addition, the study identified other factors that can affect the quality of a man's sperm, including:

Motility of the sperm. The migration of the sperm is referred to as this. Needless to say, a man's sperm can float and travel to the fallopian tube, where the ovary's released egg awaits fertilization. During the experiment, it was discovered that semen exposed to telephones were unable to swim quickly.

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2. Male sperm viability This refers to how active the sperm is. The semen exposed to the telephones utilized in the experiment were found to have a low percentage of viability. In other words, if a man has his phone in his pocket for an extended period of time and it comes into direct touch with his testes, the amount of active semen in his system can be affected.

In the same vein, a disclosure concerning laptop was made. According to the article, it is not advisable for a man to use his laptop while sitting on his laps because the heat from the battery can harm the testes.

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