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"My child head is looking like this after giving birth, please help" a lady posted on Facebook

A lady gave birth to a baby with a head that looks like this, read more below

A lady posted on Facebook asking for help that she gave birth to a baby who had a heart like that. The doctors told her that the baby was going to be fine but she is scared. She is scared that her baby might have a head that is looking funny for the rest of his life. As you know the shape that you have while you are young is the one you will have when you grow older.

It's truly normal for this lady because the child is still young so anything can happen to him. Doctors told her that the child will be found and this was caused by her when she was pushing the baby. They say if you push the baby and stop and also push again the heart gain shape. The head is the softer place when you are still young. So that is why they advise women to open their legs wildly when they give birth so that the child will come out fine not having breathing problems.

Well, it is hard to just believe that the head will just go to normal shape on its own. The lady thinks that people who have faced this problem before might know what to do. So that the child will have a normal head like other kids.

As we grow older our head starts to become strong but doesn't stop being sensitive. That way when a child is born the doctors only care about her head. They must not close is inside you that can course a child not to be able to breathe. a lot of kids lose their lives while there are giving birth to them. Not because there are not fine or there are sick no. Just because the person who was helping a woman to give birth was not careful. And they didn't tell them the consistency of how they push the baby.

Young mothers, don't know a lot about pregnancy, and giving birth child like that can be avoided. But at the moment the mother of this baby is looking for advice on how she can shape it. She wants to shape the heart of her baby to look fine and normal. Because if she doesn't she knows that her child will be a laughing stock at school. All the blames will fall on her.

The lady only have 2 days after she left the hospital. People have been sharing to warn other kids who are pregnant that they must listen to the doctors. This can happen to anyone especially if it is is your first time going birth. We all know that if it's your first time, you get scared and be in pain so it's hard.

Those who feel like they know what she can do or use can comment below. Anything that you heard or used before might be of help at this situation. Don't forget to follow me for more news. Make sure you share this article to your friends also.

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