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Parents Please Look After Your Children - See What This Boy's Head Was Removed (Photos)

Sometimes children are too young to understand the importance of health and personal hygiene. The responsibility of parents is to look after their children and pay attention to any problems that may arise.

 Every parent should understand that it is their responsibility to take care of their children. It is very unfortunate to see some parents buying expensive clothes for parties and neglecting their daily responsibilities to their children.

 Indeed, children will play with almost anything they encounter. When we are not paying attention, these children will play with sand and occasionally rub their heads; they also like to play in disgusting places and will not feel What's wrong.

 Parents must understand that children’s immunity is not as strong as ours, and they are more likely to get sick than us, so it is necessary to put their daily care first.

 According to the pictures shared by social media users on the Internet, the barber worked a lot of effort to scrape off a lump of dandruff from the boy's head with scissors. This is too bad. The barber complained to his family and advised him to wash his hair before taking the child for a haircut; if he doesn't do this, he will charge them an extra $5 for service.

 I urge all parents to provide adequate care for their children’s personal hygiene because they are not mature enough to understand their problems.

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