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Can I use the emergency contraception pill instead of using a traditional form of birth control?

According to the manufacturers of the emergency contraception pill and The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), the emergency contraceptive pill isn’t designed to be used as a substitute for regular contraception (1-3).

In part, there’s just not very much research available on the subject. Research on the prescription-only pill, for instance, is incredibly limited in terms of use greater than three times over a one year period. For those people who find themselves repeatedly using emergency contraception pills, the manufacturer recommends considering other contraceptive options.

ACOG does not recommend using emergency contraception pills as a long term contraception option because overall a person would be exposing themselves to repeated higher levels of hormones than they would normally receive using regular combined hormonal birth control or progestin-only birth control . Plus, frequent use could also lead to more frequent bouts of side effects and menstrual disturbances

In contrast to these recommendations, a group of researchers studied how well the levonorgesterel emergency contraception pill worked for people having infrequent sex (6 days or less per month) used it as primary contraception. For women younger than 35 years, rates of pregnancy for exclusive perfect use (within 24 hours of intercourse in this study) of emergency contraceptive pills was 11 pregnancies over 1 year per 100 women. The rates were even lower for typical use (if combined with other forms of contraceptives or taken late) with only 10 pregnancies over 1 year per 100 women.

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