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Kids picture has risen old scars. See what people said after seeing it.

"This is hurtful guys I still maintain avoid having a child whilst you don't have the means to provide for them." No one has to wait fo the wealth they don't know when it will come before having babies.

Someone recalled that it actually happened to their kids when they were visiting a relative. The unfortunate and funny part is that it was their food she packed and allegedly bought them everything they would need. Apparently they only gave their kids and hers just stood there and watched everyday.

While others may claim that this is cruel because if the food are not enough you don't give your child food infront of his friends. We have to note that even some parents do the same thing by eating in public transport.

Growing up, I was shocked about how other families live in their homes. Because of unemployment our neighbour asked my mother to baby sit her 4 grand kids from her 3 daughters. Everyday when the kids came home, their back packs had 3 different goodies or meals which depended on each mom's affordability.

Looking at that situation to me it looked like a competition and symptoms of a divided family, although from a distance they looked united and happy. However I made peace with the situation after I realised that, when snack time came, the kids didn't even blink at each other, it was business as usual.

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