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Rape Obscene

I'm 21 she is 10, SA calls for the attention of police and social workers on this tweet: Opinion

It is only that the only thing that is confusing about the social media is that, they do not give us the background of the story. All what they do is to post a picture that look very awkward and people will start to comment. Nobody has told us whether these people are dating in real life or there is a sort of parental relationship between them.

You may realise that it is a father kissing her daughter. The question is, should fathers kiss their daughters on the lips? I think my answer is definitely yes, the reason being, if mothers are allowed to kiss their sons on the lips, so their fathers are also allowed to do the same to their daughters.

People sometimes get twisted minds to think that this may encourage abomination between a parent and a child. But that should not be the case. So I don't see anything wrong if it is apparental relationship, but then if it is like what people are assuming, then it is definitely statutory rape.

Thank you.

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