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Check out these pictures showing that parents can not be perfect all the times

We know that parenting can be a very hard job, but those who are far from this experience will just think that this is an easy job to do. Behind closed doors, some things happen it will leave you amazed. Sometimes the kids can be a handful to the point where you just can't control them.

We have compiled for you some pictures that might just make your day. If you have had a bad day at work or any other occasion, you are in for a treat because these little ones will make your day with their actions. They are just so unbelievable.

These just show that the little one kept them awake all night and now they just can't take it anymore. They just fell asleep right there and there.

This was a very dangerous slippery and it happened to both parents. Just hope that the kid was okay after the whole ordeal.

This one split the milk and he was not prepared to let it go to waste. He came up with an idea and it looks like it has worked.

This kid does not seem to even care about that food. This is what happens when they say they want to have McDonald's and you do the other way round.

This is bad parenting 101.

This one might have seen this kind of habit somewhere else because the kids are very good and they follow what the adults are doing.

The only explanation I can think of is that this was too big and it was the only way that it was gonna fit properly if worn like that.

She painted herself and now she looks like she has dressed in an all-white outfit.

The only question is how did she fit in there in the first place?

This one was trying to run a bath and this is the outcome of it.


This is a very pretty unusual toilet.

You might be seeing this guy in the picture but the background of it tells a different story.

This one looks like she is fighting ghost friends and ready to attack.

Here is a big sister.

You can just ask yourself what she doing in there.

This one you can not understand if there is something unwelcoming they did or it is just a safety precaution.

Whatever was happening here, just hope that all the kids were safe and not injured.

These two have a very good relationship.

The father is left to ride alone while the kid is down there.

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