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" I have five kids out of wedlock and I denied all of them "

A man on Facebook says she impregnated girls and denied the babies even though he knows they are his. The 23-year old says he finally found someone he loves and he does not want to do her dirty like he did his exes so he consulted a sangoma to stop her from getting pregnant.

"I have 5 children out of wedlock and I denied all of them. I know they are mine but it's our culture as men to run away. Last year I met a girl, she is an angel. I had a fear that I would impregnate her and run away, but I can't do that to her. I consulted a sangoma behind her back to stop her from falling pregnant. The Sangoma told me that the process is irreversible but I don't regret what I did because I'm too fertile. Should I tell her what I did?" He asked.



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