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A parent got a letter from school and couldn’t believe what was written on it

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Schools have tried to bridge the gap between them, and parents over the years and it’s beautiful to see. Even though there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done for the relationship between teachers, parents, and learners to excel. It’s a work in progress as schools want what’s best for their learners, and that will excite parents. In most cases, parents are always skeptical when it comes to different schools that their children attend, as they want to make sure that they get the necessary education to take them further in life. However, that’s difficult to achieve as the school system hasn’t lived up to the high expectations recently. 

Now, a parent got a shock of his life after his child brought a letter from the school. At first, he thought that it was one of those communication letters that the school sends out now and then. Usually, to alert them know about the parents' meetings, even the different events that are going to be held at school, or just to update them about the school calendar. Oh well, it wasn’t any of the regular letters that the schools send out to the parents. This time around a teacher wanted parents to buy “750ml Smirnoff Vodka for an experiment”. The parent took to his Twitter account to share his sentiments about what the school teacher has requested. That’s when the parent stated that he’s not going to be fooled by the teacher’s letter. “This teachers want to use us. I won’t fall for this,” said @BagwellReloaded on his Twitter page.

According to the letter, they were going to have a lesson based on the effects of alcohol on the human body. The “please co-operate” part within the letter was just a throw-off. On top of that most schools do handwritten letters, which was sketchy. Most of the time when a school has to do some experiment it has to come out of their budget. Hence you cannot blame the parent for freaking about the letter.

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Date: 10/10/2021

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