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Baby Mama blocked me when I asked her why she did what she did, see WhatsApp chats of her reply.

When I questioned Baby Mama about why she did what she did, she blocked me, as evidenced by her response in WhatsApp messages.

In the same way that many other men and women do when reflecting on their past, particularly their teenage years, I see a litany of mistakes that they made as a result of peer pressure and making decisions that they thought were good at the time, but which later came back to haunt them in the present day.

That is, I had a female friend in high school who was also madly in love with me, and we were spending far too much time together. That is how it happened. As a result, we chose to design a toddler in grade 12 despite the fact that she had created it herself. Our relationship had progressed to the point where we were both certain that we couldn't live without one another.

My realization that life had a lot of good girls to give me came three years after I graduated from high school, so I watched someone and separated from my toddler mother to make sure she didn't feel cheated on or anything. Though she was adamant about not ending the relationship, she was unable to prevent it and move on because I didn't give her with a desire.

I was restricted from social networking sites once she moved on, which wasn't a big deal because it meant I wouldn't be able to see my son anymore. What occurred when I attempted to contact her with a specific quantity is detailed in the chat transcripts below.

From what I can tell from our conversations, she has indicated unequivocally that she will not be seeing my son because I opted to end our relationship in which I had free access to the child whenever I desired. I am completely confident that this is unconstitutional; but, I do not wish to fight her in a criminal courtroom; instead, I would prefer to resolve this in a more straightforward and peaceful manner.

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