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Mzansi reacts to a twitter user celebrating the death of her father.

Absent or emotionally unavailable parents raise broken children. Sometimes they think they are doing what's best for their children when it is actually the worst. We have so many household that do not have fathers. It's either they just woke up one day and left or they denied the children . 

Some the mothers are very bitter and take their frustrations on their children. In most cases men when they separate with the mothers, they also separate from the children. So many children grow up resenting their parents. Even the present ones sometimes are the worst. 

A twitter user chose to express her feelings on the app. Maybe she felt safer as people don't normally know each other. She was celebrating that her father died in 2010 on the exact same day. According to her it was the best thing that ever happened to her. Mzansi was left divided after some understood and others didn't. 

What is your view on her hate towards her father even years after his death?

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