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Ways to know a child is yours without DNA test

In most circumstances, a DNA test is required to determine whether or not your child is yours. The longer a couple remains together during pregnancy, the more the child resembles the father, according to research. When a father looks at his child, he may believe he is his, even when he is not.

For both men and women, the need to know a baby's genuine paternity has grown in recent years, especially since civilization, with its attendant deception, has reached its pinnacle in our modern world. And, as technology advances, new ways of doing almost everything are being discovered through research and observation.

Many people are only aware of the DNA test as a method of determining a baby's real father, unaware that there are various other ways to determine who the biological father of your contentious baby, especially if you do not want or do not have the funds to do a DNA test.

Genetic Consequences

Based on the genetic data passed down from both parents, certain hereditary behaviors arise in a variety of situations. Genetically, kids inherit some behavioral patterns from either their father or mother, and as the baby grows and you observe closely, you may discover some similar behaviors.

Color test of the eyes, earlobes, and hair

If they're noticeable, you can tell by looking at them, or you can use an Ident gene calculator. A paternity test using eye color, hair color, or ear lobes demonstrates how eye color, hair color, or ear lobes can be used to estimate paternity. This test is based on genetic theories and how genes are passed down from biological parents. You can use this test to see if paternity is possible by entering the mother's, alleged father's, and child's eye colors, hair colors, and earlobe structure.

Type of Blood Test

Knowing your blood type is not common in Africa, yet it is critical to do so, not only for yourself but also for your partner. You may quickly tell if a child is yours or not if you have this at your fingertips. Both paternity and maternity can be determined using the blood type calculator. If the mother's blood type is O and the putative daughter is B, the father can only be of blood type B or AB for the daughter to be linked to him. Two O blood type parents, for example, can only have an O blood type child.


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