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Like mother like daughter it Khanyi's daughter takes after her mother when it comes to fashion.

Anyone that knows khanyi Mabo can tell that she is ins of the most powerful woman in South Africa who do not care what people say, and I believe that is what makes her unique and strong.

Over the past years, she has been in the news because of her relationships but never let that get in her way of being useful but most of all being the best mother a girl can ever have.

We have watched khanukani grow into a young beautiful woman, and it looks like the apple did not fall far from the tree because she is one of the best-dressed teenagers.

It is every parent dream to watch their child grow into a phenomenal woman.

She learned a lot from her mother, when it comes to fashion, nails, hair, and makeup people can learn a lot from her, Khanyi must be proud to be a mother to have a daughter who lives fashion like her.

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