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Man Fulfills His Promise He Made To His Daughter By Getting His PhD At Age 65.

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IgbereTV says that a medical doctor took to Twitter to congratulate her father after he received his PhD, fulfilling a promise he made to her.

Dr. Maria Uloko, who graduated from medical school at the age of 23, claimed her father told her at the time that he would return to school and acquire his doctorate so that she would not be the family's only "doctor."

He followed through on his promises and received his Ph.D. in December. He claimed in his oral defense that he returned to school to keep his promise to his daughter.

On her Twitter account, Dr. Maria wrote: "My father has been working two full-time jobs while pursuing his PhD for the past four years. He did it because he didn't want me to be the family's only doctor. Meet Dr. Emmanuel Uloko, my father, my biggest booster and the man to whom I compare every man, at the age of 65."

"Wow, thank you everyone so much for your wonderful words about my father. The outpouring of support has left him speechless. He had no idea he'd get such a response in his wildest dreams! If you enjoyed this story, listen to my podcast @BattleCryPod for more diverse STEM stories!"

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