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OPINION : SASSA Should Increase Child Support Grant To R700 - Here's Why

SASSA should consider increasing the child support grant to R700 per child per household.

The reasons for this are straight forward, it may be know that a lot of mothers are raising children on their own.

This is caused by absent father's and due to this they are struggling to make ends meet.

Most of these mothers are not even working, or they do get an income but is not enough.

As we all may know ans understand that in South Africa almosy 80% of people never had a decent education so it is hard to get a job with that.

These are a few things that SASSA should access first before they deny them an increase of the grant.

This Increase would be of great assistance to everyone who is already receiving the child support grant, the fact that they are increasing it with R10 per year is low.

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