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Pregnancy period

Teenage moms get inspired. Don't let teenage pregnancy stop you from reaching your dreams.

This is Nikitta Robinson. She was 8 months pregnant when she wrote her grade 12 Examinations. She did not let her pregnancy get on the way of her getting her 6 distinctions. I wish many tennage mothers can be inspired by her.

Nikitta wrote (facebook)

"My teenage pregnancy does not define me. It is however my motivation because I know who I am and where I'm going. It was a difficult year and I wrote my exams while 8 months pregnant . It was tough but once again God pulled through and he showed off too.🥺 I achieved a bachelor's pass, Top 10 in my grade, an A aggregate and 6 distinctions. This is testament to the fact that if you put in the work God will reward you regardless of your circumstances. Here's to more good to come🥂"

with God anything is possible. No one should ever underestimate themselves, our paths in life are different, never let your circumstances block you for being what you want to be in life . The sky is the limit

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Nikitta Nikitta Robinson


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