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Phindile Gwala's Child Is Giving Her A Hard Time.

Opinion: Phindile gwala is a mother to her now teenage daughter and one of the things she is going through right now is the payment stage of everything.

It get's to a point where teenager's gets fascinated about money and getting paid and phindile is popping out all the money right now. Here's what she said, " Dear parents especially mother's, is it okay to carry someone with your only body for 9 months, give birth to them, raise them etc.And when they start their businesses they charge you? My daughter cleans sneakers and she charges me (why?) she is very talented especially when it comes to art and handwork and very stylish as well. I asked her to be my stylist (and i feel like im the one who discovered that talent of hers). She wants to charge me. Should i at least start asking for rent too guys? Parents let's talk. #MotherAndDaughter" She wrote. Having a child is one of the greatest things to live for but at the same time they can make you broke in just few hours after having money.

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Phindile gwala


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