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Teenage Pregnancy: Viewers worry about Zanele and Smanga as young parents

Teenage Pregnancy is a new show on Moja Love that has been sweeping through social media. It follows teenage mothers on their journey with navigating being a part of the horrible statistics in this country. Each girl is facing their own unique set of issues.

Zanele's struggle has always been proving paternity.

You may wonder why it is that she needs to prove herself. Well when she had a fling with Smanga while still in a relationship with another boy. Smaga's family felt like there was some trickery afoot and accused Zanele of choosing their son because there are a financially stable family

However viewers have a few concern now after observing Zanele and the father of her child . They don't seem to really be all too smart and Zanele's mind always seemed to be absent. I heard her ask if a DNA swab in the mouth would hurt the baby, I had to agree.

Social Media Response

People were concerned all over Twitter. One user wrote, "Smanga & Zanele as parents stresses me so much #teenagepregnancy"

While another user wrote, "#teenagepregnancy this girl Zanele shes confused 🤔🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️!!"

A final user just noticed how senseless Smaga seemed, writing, "Smanga want this baby to be his, he want to be sure if zanele is the mother #TeenagePregnancy"

Personal Thoughts

I think a part of me forgot that these two are merely teenagers. Of course they won't have the maturity to properly deal with this situation as major as it is. This is why teenagers shouldn't be having children. They aren't properly equipped for this. It breaks my heart to see something like this happen. We can only hope Zanele was right about the paternity of the child or Smanga's family will be celebrating.

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Source: Teenage Pregnancy on Moja Love DSTV channel 157

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