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Pregnancy period

Local nurse confessed to finding this in a mothers womb while delivering a baby

When it comes to starting a family, many women may contemplate using family planning services at some point in their lives. This allows them to properly space their children based on the number of children they intend to have.

Although most family planning methods are considered to be safe, there is no guarantee that they will be. Despite their best efforts, some women find themselves pregnant despite their best efforts to avoid it. One of our community's nurses shared an image that made people chuckle while also making them reflect on their own life choices.

She shared a photo of a loop that they had discovered in the placenta after delivering a baby on social media. A loop, also known as an IUD, is a t-shaped plastic device that is wrapped in copper or contains hormones that prevent a woman from becoming pregnant. It is commonly used to prevent pregnancy in young women. Professionals are usually responsible for placing it inside the uterus.

The nurses, on the other hand, discovered it inside a woman's placenta while they were delivering her kid. This indicated that the loop had failed to achieve its intended objective of preventing the pregnancy, which resulted in the woman being pregnant once more. The fact that this happened surprised a lot of people, but other individuals started sharing similar experiences about how various family planning methods had failed them and they had still ended themselves pregnant.

Some people referred to it as a miracle, while others expressed gratitude to the mother for making the decision to keep the child despite the fact that she was not expecting it.

This, however, should serve as a warning to other women who are considering family planning, advising them to conduct preliminary research about the method's effectiveness. This will enable them to make a decision with full knowledge that it may or may not be a good fit for them.

The other consideration is the possibility of negative side effects from various techniques of family planning. People should also research whether or not the method of family planning they intend to utilize is appropriate for them.


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