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A Guy Was Attacked By Mzansi For Not Letting His Son To Go To School because of this Check Reaction.

Today it's a Friday, the month-end weekend has started and the whole country is facing a cold front, so many things are happening today. In cold weather like this people prefer to stay indoors to keep themselves warm. it is the right time for families to bond together by doing indoor activities.

When the weather forecast reveals digits lower than your shoe size, it can take everything you have just to scrape up enough courage to get off the couch. That’s because, when there’s a deep freeze going on, it’s only natural to want to sleep.

A guy by the name @MStoto on Twitter, take it to his page by sharing a picture of him and his son lying on a couch with a blanket, he captioned the post "My son is not going to school in this weather. I'm not raising a soldier. it is school, not war." since it's cold this guy didn't go to work and he decided to not let his son leave the house too, they were cozy lying on the couch watching TV everyone will like to do that in such cold weather. Though his followers didn't like the idea.

His followers began to view the upload, the multitude of people implied, one said @Yasuke_Crixus "You are raising a weak A** nikka who won't go to work because he doesn't feel like it.

@Well_itsme3 "You definitely raising a softie who operates according to weather."  


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